Integrated Security

The ThorGuard Integrated Security System is a unique and flexible solution for all your Intrusion, Alarm Monitoring, Access Control, and Video requirements. This sophisticated system has been specifically designed to meet the demands of today’s security professionals and is approved to TS50131-3 and EN50131-6 to Security Grade3.

Each Intruder & Holdup Alarm System (I&HAS) can be operated by users at remote keypads or Card Readers, with designs available for indoor and outdoor use.

The flexibility of the system is enhanced with truly integrated Access Control, performed at terminals connected to the same bus wiring as the keypads, simplifying cable runs and reducing installation time. Up to 900 terminals are supported on a single sub-system.

“Distributed Intelligence” ensures that the system continues to operate in the event of a network issue making the ThorGuard Integrated Intrusion, Access Control and Video security system extremely secure, with a high degree of flexibility rarely seen in other intrusion or access control systems.

The maximum capacity of a single sub-system is:

  • 900 access control terminals
  • 65,000 cardholders
  • Up to 30 Control Units (CUs) per sub-system, each CU with:
    o 30 remote keypads
    o 480 detectors in 64 zones
    o 250 intrusion users
    o 1000 alarm event log (unlimited within the Management Software)

The ThorGuard Management Software (TGMS) is then used to integrate any number of sub-systems into one or more progressively larger systems.


Integrating Intrusion, Access Control and Video provides a number of significant benefits:

  • Increased security with fewer false alarms
  • User-friendly operation
  • Video linked to events for easier recall and viewing
  • Modular system architecture adaptable to the ever-changing environment
  • Low cost of ownership

Applying traditional security systems can result in the installation of parallel product ranges within the applications of Access Control, Intrusion and Video, often from different manufacturers with several cable structures supporting individual applications. They can experience different operating philosophies and may have problems establishing relationships between alarms, events and images.
The future is Truly Integrated Security Systems.

With the ThorGuard system, all components have been developed with full integration in mind. Fully integrated components share the same cable network and power sources, and use the same operating philosophy throughout the entire system. This provides a high degree of modularity, making the system adaptable to virtually any environment and easy to install.

The ThorGuard Integrated Security System is available across Europe and Scandinavia, click here for further details