ThorGuard Management Software

The HISEC ThorGuard Management Software is a unique and flexible management platform encompassing Alarm Monitoring, Access Control & Intrusion Management and an advanced configuration platform. This sophisticated system offers the ultimate in flexibility and system design, providing a seamless security management package designed to meet the demands of today’s security professionals. The ThorGuard Management Software (TGMS) can be installed on a single PC, or distributed across several machines all connected simultaneously to the installed systems via a TCP/IP network.


ThorGuard Management Software offers the flexibility to meet all site requirements, managing a virtually unlimited number of installed ThorGuard Intrusion and Access Control Systems via serial, modem or TCP/IP connections. The platform design is similar to Windows Explorer providing a familiar, easy to navigate layout.


Each operator is granted access to the system according to their unique operator profile, which determines their log-in rules, language selection, access rights and access level. The system administrator is able to grant access at a high level allowing users limited access rights where required. A full audit trail is continually maintained for all operator transactions.


AIR is a standard feature of TGMS which enables an operator to manually grant or deny access to specified cardholders at specified card readers at specified times and days. Depending on whether the cardholder’s stored image matches a live image from a camera near the card reader, the operator may grant or deny access, and display a predefined message on the relevant terminal.


ThorGuard Management Software is fully compatible with the market leading Symmetry™ Video Management Software for remote video verification of alarms and events. The Symmetry Video Management software communicates with TGMS with all alarms and events visible through the Symmetry interface. Alarms can also be viewed, silenced and reset using either Symmetry or the TGMS.


  • Fully scaled Management, Alarm Monitoring and configuration package
  • Advanced Graphical Interface with built-in editor for full control of Intrusion and Access
  • Unlimited cardholder database
  • Cardholder database editor for customising dialogues and database fields
  • PIN-code generator for enhanced security
  • Unique access group editor
  • Complete door control management, including lift management
  • Advanced alarm list with alarm procedures and instructions
  • Flexible report generator with detailed search criteria and multiple export options
  • Simultaneous configuration, maintenance and user management
  • Multi tasked operations
  • Multi company features
  • Optional image badging module with card encoder

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